Wintertime magic

Custom wintertime private tours in Southern Tasmania to discover the world's tallest and largest flowering plants

Our evergreen forests are alive all winter - walk into the mossy forest during the mushroom season

Go deeper into the forest and discover what's happening in our temperate rainforests

The only specialist giant tree tours in Australia

Enjoy muddy trails

Learn to read the forest like an expert

Discover the surreal forests mushrooms

Stop for a hot drink and warm by the fire

Gourmet picnic provided

Join us for an fantastic winter Expedition

Travel from the coastline to the mountains. Discover Tasmania's emerald forests, roaring waterfalls, mysterious rivers, forbidding caves, and the unique buttongrass landscape

Expedition Basics

Pickup at your lodgings in Hobart or meet near the forest

Transportation, picnic lunch, observation gear all included. Book online!

Private customised daytrips with an expert forest canopy ecologist.

Learn the science and experience the magic of the ancient forest. Suitable for all ages and tailored to your interests.

Meet the world's tallest flowering tree species just near Hobart

Tasmania is also home to the Earth's tallest flowering plants, the world's oldest known plants, and the tallest underwater forests

Join us!

We’ll take care of everything!

Meeting the Giant Trees is a life-changing and memorable experience!

“The magic I experienced standing among these ancient giants is a memory that will last a lifetime”
Angus Munro
Technician from Bergen, Norway
“A walking talking Encyclopedia on trees. Can not thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with me very patiently and willingly.”
Jaspreet Kaur
Traveller from Chandigarh, India
“Imagine a forest which is mossy, messy,
a truly unique and enigmatic ecosystem.”
Nic Fitzgerald
Botanist from Hobart, Tasmania
“The way he can interpret their hidden life and meaning leaves one with not only an increased understanding, but an affection for these beautiful living beings.”
Emma-Joy Reardon
Teacher from Mt Beauty, Australia
“Among the few who have an ear
for the stories
trees have to tell”
Harshita Soni
Environmentalist from Delhi, India
“Really appreciate his knowledge and passion for flora. The vegetation around us has become friends along the walk…”
Zoe Zeng
Traveller from Guangzhou, China