Beaker Street Festival:
Forest Science Excursion


♦ Field ecology and forest dynamics at the edge of the World Heritage Area in the Southern Forests.

♦ Learn the basics of forest structural ecology and take a deep-dive into Tassie’s fire dynamics.

♦ In some of the world’s superlative forests, amongst Tasmania’s ultra-sized forests.

♦ Ancient Huon Pines, soaring Eucalyptus trees.

♦ One of Earth’s most spectacular natural laboratories.


♦ Observing, recording, and learning forest ecology in some of Earth’s superlative flowering forests.
♦  Identifying and document forest structures in unburnt forest remnants vs the burnt area
♦  Using smartphone technologies to record and observe species in the forests
♦ Sharpen your toolkit for studying forests, trees, and plants around the world

What You'll Get

♦ A working knowledge of disturbance-ecology and forest succession that’s relevant across any of Earth’s living landscapes
♦  First-hand experience in and expert interpretation of post-fire landscape damage and resilience in Tasmania’s Giant Forests
♦ Treetop science stories drawn from 20 years of canopy science
♦ Insights into the findings and activities of the Warra Long Term Ecological Research Site, a globally significant participant in forest ecology
♦ A chance to participate in ongoing science activities alongside Giant Tree Expeditions and Tahune Adventures 

When and Where

♦ At the Airwalk: Tahune Forest Reserve, inland from Geeveston. Huon Valley. Part of the Beaker Street Festival.

♦ Sunday August 7th, 2022 Starting at 9:30 AM at Tahune, finishing about 1:00 PM.

♦ Meet us there, or bus service available from Hobart departing 8:00 AM from the waterfront.

♦ Easy forest walking trails <1 hour in length; expect about 3 km of slow walking; shelter, cafe, toilets, wifi all available on-site 

Meet your guide

Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness grew up between the coastal redwoods and the giant sequoia groves of California, studied forest ecology in the coastal rainforests near Seattle, and originally came to Tasmania to conduct the first on-ropes biodiversity surveys of the giant Eucalyptus treetops.

In the years since, he’s travelled 26,000km around India documenting trees as part of a Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship, conducted the first systematic measurements of the world’s broadest trees, climbed the world’s tallest flowering tree, mapped out Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb survivor trees, and clambered into the branches of a New Caledonian aracaurian pine. He has served as Field Editor and regular contributor to Asian Geographic Magazine, assisted international film documentaries, and founded Tasmanian Geographic. You can read his full CV here.

What to bring

♦  Warm clothes ♦  Hot drinks and lunch available for purchase at Tahune Adventures or you can pack your own ♦ Sensible shoes ♦  Camera if you’ve got one ♦ Let us know if there are any medical or access concerns at the time of booking


♦  Meet us at Tahune? $195 per person

♦ Want to catch a ride with us from Hobart ? We can arrange that for $60 per person using our tour vehicle or a bus.

♦ We’ll head out in all weather conditions. There’s a cozy cafe at Tahune you can take shelter in and purchase a hot drink.

♦ 100% refund in case we have to cancel due to low numbers or external circumstances. We’ll refund 100% of your ticket if you cancel more than 72 hours before event start; 75% if between 72 and 48 hours; and 50% if within 48 hours before event start.

Beaker Street Festival Forest Science Excursion

"The magic I experienced standing among these ancient giants is a memory that will last a lifetime"
Angus Munro
Technician from Bergen, Norway
"A walking talking Encyclopedia on trees. Can not thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with me very patiently and willingly."
Jaspreet Kaur
Traveller from Chandigarh, India
"Imagine a forest which is mossy, messy,
a truly unique and enigmatic ecosystem."
Nic Fitzgerald
Botanist from Hobart, Tasmania
"The way he can interpret their hidden life and meaning leaves one with not only an increased understanding, but an affection for these beautiful living beings."
Emma-Joy Reardon
Teacher from Mt Beauty, Australia
"Among the few who have an ear
for the stories
trees have to tell"
Harshita Soni
Environmentalist from Delhi, India
"Really appreciate his knowledge and passion for flora. The vegetation around us has become friends along the walk…"
Zoe Zeng
Traveller from Guangzhou, China

We acknowledge the long human history of Tasmania and pay our respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal communities.

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