Explore the world's tallest and largest flowering forests
Explore the world's tallest and largest flowering forests

Trip Info

Pre-Trip Information and FAQ

Our Promise

We promise that we’ll do our best to provide a safe, enjoyable, and educational expedition. In addition to encountering Giant Trees, you’ll get to experience one of the loveliest and strangest corners of Planet Earth. 

If we encounter any obstacle to fulfilling this promise, we’ll communicate clearly and put in our best efforts.

If we succeed in keeping this promise, we hope that you’ll help us tell the world about these amazing Giant Trees and the lessons that you learned from them.

Basic Trip Details

We will be visiting roadside trees and walking on forest trails, with options for easier or harder routes.  Expeditions are appropriate for all ages and are tailored to your own interests and abilities.

We head out in all except the worst weather or during bushfire danger. We travel with a well-stocked first aid kit, a satellite emergency beacon, and extra clothing for you to borrow. 

We sometimes have to change our exact destinations due to unforeseen access or safety concerns – thank you for understanding. 

A picnic lunch with fresh fruit is provided, and we can even arrange a teatime break.

 If you or any of the other Expeditioneers have any medical or other conditions we need to know about, please make sure to let me know (in private) about any circumstances that might arise. We accept Companion Cards.

Longer or shorter expeditions are available – please contact us for more information. We will gladly accommodate your own interests for the day, such as photography, science, art, or storytelling.

We have established a COVID-safe plan and remind you that you’ll need to notify us of any relevant symptoms/tests you or a contact may have had. 


Expeditions depart from your accommodation around 9 AM and return before 5 PM. Seats are available for up to five passengers in a Holden Captiva SUV. (Vehicle pictures here) If you have your own vehicle, we can meet you near the forest and convoy to our destinations.

We will endeavour to arrange expeditions for  all levels of accessibility, however we will require advance notice in regards to any special vehicle requirements.

Please be aware that all Expeditions are strictly non-smoking. Due to sensitivities to cigarette smoke, please make sure to leave behind any clothes that you may have been smoking. Also, we are visiting the most intensely flammable forest on Earth…

 For passengers younger than seven, we can arrange one or two seats for you – please make sure to contact us directly to discuss.

Larger group trips, using your own transport or our own alternative vehicles, can be arranged upon request.

Minimal Impact

Like all living things, these forests and trees are fragile, and as visitors to wild heritage areas we need to tread lightly. As such, we will take steps to minimise our impacts and we will make sure to have the lightest footprint possible.

This means we may have limitations on where we can go, how close we can get to the trees, and when we are able to visit.

  Practicing the skills of minimal-impact tourism is ultimately a rewarding and educational choice, and will help us to enjoy these forests into the future.

What to Bring

Sturdy shoes – (please clean them to prevent any soil or seed contamination)

Warm clothes

Water bottle

Sunhat and sunscreen


Any medications or assistive devices you require

Binoculars if you have them

Please let us know if you need to borrow or arrange any equipment.

Cancel & Reschedule Info

We use our online booking calendar to reserve time to go on expeditions with you.

If you find your travel plans or conditions change unexpectedly, contact us as soon as possible to discuss altering the timing of our expedition.

If due to unforeseen circumstances on our end, including (border closures & lockdowns), we aren’t able to head out on that date, we will contact you immediately to either reschedule to our best ability or arrange a refund. 

When necessary (bushfires, road closures, etc), we will reroute our day’s excursion accordingly and do our best to give you the best possible Expedition for the circumstances. Your understanding and appreciation is greatly appreciated. 

As we keep a very tight calendar,  and often arrange access to forest sites well in advance, please keep in mind that for cancellations we are only able to provide a full refund if cancellations are made a fortnight before your booking. However, we will be happy to reschedule for a time of our mutual convenience.

Cancellation advance notice
More than 14 days – full refund;

between 14  and 7 days – 50% refund;
within 7 days – 0% refund.

Safety & Liability

By booking a Giant Tree Expedition, you and your companions are acknowledging that you are ultimately responsibly for your health and safety. We will do our utmost to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you. You acknowledge that you are physically capable of the exertion required for basic bushwalking, and that you will inform us of any medical concerns before we set forth.

Except for the protections afforded by Australian consumer law, by booking or joining an expedition, you release Giant Tree Expeditions of any liability for injury, death, damage, monetary loss or loss of or damage to property. We encourage you to hold current and adequate travel insurance that covers cancellations, medical expenses and transport, loss or theft of valuables, and travel plan disruptions.

By joining a Giant Tree Expeditions, unless you inform us otherwise, you are also agreeing to allow your image to be used for promotional and advertising purposes. We will discard all unflattering photographs and make sure to send you a carefully selected set of winner photos that you are welcome to share.

You can read our Privacy Policy (link) and contact us if you have any questions.


Frequently asked questions

Can we change our itinerary to stop and see something specific along the way?

We are happy to discuss to accomodate your own special interests.

Can we bring our own vehicle?

Yes, this is possible in special circumstances , although we’ll have less time together to talk about Giant Trees in the car. We do travel on dirt roads and your vehicle will need to be up to the task.

We would love to see this one particular tree….can we go there? 

Possibly. We have permissions from the public land management authorities to visit particular locations, and we will do our best to accommodate special requests.

What about bushfires, floods, storms?

Since we travel out to wild and remote areas, we need to adapt to unexpected and changing conditions. Realistically, bushfire risk in the summertime is the greatest concern. Fortunately, bushfire risk conditions are somewhat predictable by the Bureau of Meteorology.

We will do our best to reroute an itinerary to meet local conditions, and reserve the right to modify or cancel trips due to safety concerns: this may be forest much closer to town and may be botanical gardens with giant trees from around the world. 

If we cannot access any of these sites due to uncontrollable forces of nature, we will reschedule or refund your trip fee.

I really really really want to climb a giant tree. Can you help me with this?

Definitely maybe, depending on a number of factors. Contact us via our skill-based consultancy Outreach Ecology at www.outreachecology.com.

Do you do trips outside of Tasmania?

Yes, although other commitments mean that we won’t be scheduling overseas Expeditions this season. 

If you need some specific advice or would like to arrange a private tour, contact us via email or telephone.

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We acknowledge the long human history of Tasmania and pay our respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal communities.

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