Explore the world's tallest and largest flowering forests
Explore the world's tallest and largest flowering forests

Our Story

We love trees

giant trees, sprawling trees, monster trees, ancient trees

...and you will love them too

we will teach you how to listen to their stories

Exploring ancient forests since 1999...

We've climbed and studied some of the world's tallest and largest flowering plants, conducted the first systematic measurements of the giant banyans, and explored significant trees internationally.

We've chased trees around the world..

From the redwood forests to the Indian jungles to Borneo highlands to New Zealand northlands Himalayan slopes to the Australian rainforests to the heartland of China to the islands of Japan

• Redwoods and redcedars and sequoia and baldcypress in the USA • Spruce and fir in Canada • Giant banyans and baobabs and teaks and cedars in India • Kauri in New Zealand • Araucarians and strangler figs in New Caledonia • Dipterocarps in Borneo • Yakusugi giants in Japan • Ancient beech and oak in Europe • Metasequoia dawn redwoods in China • and more....

We've worked with or appeared in:

...as a scientist....

biodiversity surveys • branching structure • arboreal plants • insect life • forest dynamics, photomonitoring • leaf chemistry • vertebrate habitats •

...as a storyteller...

ancient trees * witness trees * champion trees * survivor trees * individual trees

...and as a documentarian.

• words • pixels • moving images

In 2002, fell madly in love with Tasmania's giant forests

They have a unique charm all their own

...and now it's your turn!

Join us on a forest adventure - suitable options for all age levels and abilities

Now based in Hobart, Tasmania

A beautiful port city on an emerald island on the edge of the world. The finest of Australian destinations and only and a short distance from several of the world's superlative trees.

– New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2018 – #33
– Fodor’s Global Go List 2018
– Favourite Travel Experience (Australian Traveller People’s Choice Awards 2017) 
– Best Place in the World to Visit in January (Lonely Planet)
– Best Travel Destination in the World (Travel+ China Magazine 2015)
– Best Island in Australia (Travel+Leisure Magazine 2015)


...and inviting you on an Expedition to these spectacular forests

let's meet some of these amazing organisms and learn their lessons

Yoav  Daniel Bar-Ness grew up between the coastal redwoods and the giant sequoia groves of California, studied forest ecology in the coastal rainforests near Seattle, and originally came to Tasmania to conduct the first on-ropes biodiversity surveys of the giant Eucalyptus treetops.

In the years since, he’s travelled 26,000km around India documenting trees as part of a Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship, conducted the first systematic measurements of the world’s broadest trees, climbed the world’s tallest flowering tree, mapped out Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb survivor trees, and clambered into the branches of a New Caledonian aracaurian pine. He has served as Field Editor and regular contributor to Asian Geographic Magazine, assisted international film documentaries, and founded Tasmanian Geographic. You can read his full CV here.

Now returned to Tasmania, he is on a mission to champion the superlative Giant Trees of the island as globally recognised tourist attractions.

Let’s go to the forest!

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We’ve worked with or appeared in:


We acknowledge the long human history of Tasmania and pay our respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal communities.

Direct booking link is here. Contribute to our citizen science efforts at iNaturalist. Discover the biodiversity of the Giant Forests of Tasmania via our downloadable iNaturalist Field Guide. Email us at hello@giant-trees.com.  Tell the world about these giant trees at TripAdvisor. Read our story of how we began. Check out some of our Media appearances. Meet ambassador trees we know and love. Learn about and book your place on an Expedition.

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