Giant Tree Expeditions: Tasmania

Discover fungi in Tasmania's ancient rainforests:

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Join us for Tasmania’s premiere ancient forest fungus tours! Enter the ancient rainforests of Tasmania on a mushroom-hunting foray, and learn about the mycology that brings binds the forest together.

Join our citizen science efforts in some of the world’s tallest and greenest forests! If we’re lucky, we’ll find the bright blue Mycena interrupta, the space alien fungus Aseroe rubra, or the surreal fingers of Clavulinopsis.  

► Exclusively offered by Tasmanian Geographic.

How it works

► On–demand, customised, private Expeditions 

► Leave no-trace minimal-impact visitation

► Small groups only so as to protect the forest 

► Transport door-to-door starting in Hobart

► Delicious picnic lunch included 

► Suitable for all ages and mobility levels

► Each Expedition uniquely tailored

► Perfect introduction to forest fungus and mushrooms for beginners, and a perfect opportunity for experts to go seeking fungus in the wild forests of Tasmania.

► Learn about the mycelial network, the wood-wide-web, and the third kingdom of life keeping the forest biomass in balance.

► Delicious and nutritious picnic provided, with some of Tasmania’s fine culinary mushrooms available for an educational tasting experience

► Fungi are visible in the forest year-round – the mossy rainforests always have some treasure to show.

► This is a wilderness tour focusing on biodiversity, and for those who are interested in foraging or culinary mushrooms, we link up with gourmet food producers.

► We travel with reference books, guides, digital magnifiers, and digital citizen science tools to discover forest fungus

A climber on the stem of a giant baobab

We have travelled the world meeting the most marvelous plants

Expert guidance built on 25 years experience as a scientist, explorer, and observer of ancient forests.

► Landmark trees. Witness trees. Big trees. Ambassador trees.  Teacher trees. Awe-inspiring trees.

Tasmania has many of Earth’s tallest, largest, & oldest living things

Let’s go meet some of them!

“A life-changing experience”

Join us on Expedition and discover for yourself!

Giant Tree Expeditions runs bushwalking, science, scenic, driving, and private customised guided tours from Hobart, Tasmania.


All of our tours are on-demand, private tours exclusive to your travel group. We customise our exact itinerary to meet your interests, abilities, and the conditions of the day.

Select your Expedition:

1 • Multi-Day Custom Itinerary

Plan your ultimate, unique, Tasmanian touring Expedition with us via Tasmanian Geographic. We’ll work together to craft a customised plan to show you the distinctive ecology and natural values of the island. 

2 • Day Trip Expeditions

Explore your passions and discover new skills.  Single-day, and Half-day Expeditions available.


3 • Services & Group Excursions

School groups.  Conference Tours. Corporate teams. Training events. Project Support. Film Crews.  Treeclimbing and canopy access. Contact us.

We conduct hiking and driving tours to precious groves of giant forest to see the tallest flowering tree species on Earth; guided bushwalking adventures to the best places to see ancient forests; science experiences in the big trees of the state of Tasmania; and many more and uniquely memorable itineraries to the most incredible natural sites. 

We take Expeditioneers to the giant forest groves and stunning landscapes of the Styx Valley, Mount Field National Park, Southwest National Park, kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park,Tasman National Park, the Tahune Airwalk and the Huon Valley, Hastings Caves, and the Southwest World Heritage Area. 

Beyond forest trees, we also run special-interest tours on forest mushroom fungus, coastal and landscape geology, birdwatching, fern biology, and more.  


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