• Join us for

    Magical adventures
  • Centuries old

    Ancient Trees
  • Stand beneath

    Massive Trees
  • Explore the

    Emerald Forest
  • Marvel at

    Wild complexity
  • Guaranteed

    Fun times
  • Landscapes

    Endlessly curious
  • Learn from

    Gnarled trees
  • Meet the

    Forest ancients
  • Experience

    Respectful awe
  • Ingredients for

    Happy days
  • Listen to

    Treetop stories
  • Be part of the

    Citizen Science
  • Discover your inner

    Tree Nerd
  • Encounter

    Weird Mushrooms
  • Approach

    Raging Waterfalls
  • Meet

    Green Ambassadors
  • Examine

    Delicate moss
  • Touch

    Ancient fossils
  • Marvel at

    Splendid Colours
  • Spot

    Magnificent animals
  • Go to

    Wild Rivers
  • Learn

    Landscape dynamics
  • Learn

    Superlative Trees
  • Practical

    Geology Lessons
  • Discover

    Green Pillars
  • Soaring

  • Remarkable

    Twisting trees
  • Unique

    Island Species
  • Discover

    Landscape Dynamics
  • Surreal

    Rainforest trails
  • Bright

    Fern Glades
  • Learn about

    Oldest trees
  • Expert

    Arboretum Tours
  • Search for

    Rare Slime Molds
  • Photograph

    Gorgeous fungus
  • See

    Strange Lichens
  • Scout

    Cryptic zoology
  • Observe

    Delicate structures
  • Find

    Beautiful flowers
  • Discover

    Bizarre shapes
  • Stunning

    Mountain Landscapes
  • Visit

    Montane wilds
  • Visit

    Jagged Mountains
  • Peer into

    Yawning Caves
  • Visit

    Fungus Kingdoms
  • Marvel at

    Quartzite Peaks
  • See the

    Pillars of Dolerite
  • Photograph

    Amazing Scenery
  • Discover

    Spectacular coast
  • Touch the

    Triassic sandstone
  • Travel to

    Fantastic Peaks

Perfect for kids and seniors alike - Spark a sense of wonder in Nature's classroom - learn the lessons of the ancient forest

Earn your Forest Badge!

Custom private tours in Southern Tasmania to discover the world's tallest and largest flowering plants!
Educational excursions to some of the world's finest wild forests.

We pick you up at your lodging and can take care of everything - including car seats, baby backpacks, and flat easy trails!

No digital devices required

No bushwalking equipment required

Gourmet picnic provided

Suitable for kids and grandparents alike.

Engage with science and history

Safe, easy epic adventures

Join us for an educational Expedition

Learn tools and techniques for understanding the natural world from an expert forest scientist

Certificate of completion provided for an 8-hour field course in Ancient Forest Ecology

Expedition Basics

Meet the world's tallest flowering tree species

Tasmania is also home to the Earth's tallest flowering plants, the world's oldest known plants, and the tallest underwater forests

Daytrips leaving from Hobart, Maydena, Geeveston, and Huonville

Transportation, picnic lunch, observation gear all included. Book online!

Customised tours with an expert forest canopy ecologist.

Learn the science and experience the magic of the ancient forest. Suitable for all ages and tailored to your interests.

Join us!

We’ll take care of everything!

Meeting the Giant Trees is a life-changing and memorable experience!

“The magic I experienced standing among these ancient giants is a memory that will last a lifetime”
Angus Munro
Technician from Bergen, Norway
“A walking talking Encyclopedia on trees. Can not thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with me very patiently and willingly.”
Jaspreet Kaur
Traveller from Chandigarh, India
“Imagine a forest which is mossy, messy,
a truly unique and enigmatic ecosystem.”
Nic Fitzgerald
Botanist from Hobart, Tasmania
“The way he can interpret their hidden life and meaning leaves one with not only an increased understanding, but an affection for these beautiful living beings.”
Emma-Joy Reardon
Teacher from Mt Beauty, Australia
“Among the few who have an ear
for the stories
trees have to tell”
Harshita Soni
Environmentalist from Delhi, India
“Really appreciate his knowledge and passion for flora. The vegetation around us has become friends along the walk…”
Zoe Zeng
Traveller from Guangzhou, China

star rating  Fantastic tours that bring the forest to life! – Yoav took us on an amazing day out. Climbing a mountain and walking through a tall trees forest. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of trees, insects, and rock formations and… read more

March 30, 2021

star rating  What an incredible tour! I loved this tour
I had there best time and Yoav was the best guide fun and knowledgeable and very informative
I’ll always remember… read more

June 19, 2021

star rating  Great tracking these magnificent giant trees in a pristine environment with Yoav. He tailored the day around what we wanted to see eg. the only native deciduous trees turning color… read more

April 25, 2021