Meet the world's tallest and largest flowering trees
Meet the world's tallest and largest flowering trees

The Valley of the Ancients

An amazing adventure in the wild ancient forest

Expedition goal:

The Valley of the Ancients



Hidden valleys surrounded by craggy mountains, waterfalls, moorlands - the oldest, gnarliest, and tallest forest groves, on the very edge of the vast Tasmanian Wilderness Southwest​

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Things to do:

Based on your interests, we’ll work together to make a custom itinerary that could include:

  • Meet the Giant Trees of the Styx Valley, home to many of the largest and oldest of the Giant Gum Trees
  • Travel to the edge of the wild Tasmanian Southwest and view buttongrass moorlands and ancient rainforest trees 
  • Spot giant tree species from around the world: Redwoods, Sequoia, Cedar, and more
  • Walk through the Giant Forest to the densely forested banks of the Styx River, named for the border of the Underworld
  • Visit the famous Tolkien Track with its renowned Giant Trees: Gandalf’s Staff and Fangorn
  • Marvel at the secret chamber of the Cave Tree
  • Discover the spectacular subterranean river of the Junee Cave System
  • Stop for a cuppa alongide of the mighty Tyenna River.
  • Visit the famous treeferns and gum trees next to roaring Russell Falls
  • View the Skyscrapers of the Andromeda Grove, the tallest grove of flowering plants anywhere on Earth
  • Meet the Twisted Sister, a gnarled and ancient gum tree unlike no other


$585 for full-day expedition (two Expeditioneers)

$45 for each additional person (vehicle capacity 5 passengers + 1 driver)

All admission prices included

Includes gourmet picnic, snacks, fresh fruit, and hot drinks in the forest

Opportunity for longer or shorter walks, or minimal-walking car-touring

Unparalleled opportunity to see some of Earth's finest forests

Gold Standard Foundation Verified Carbon Credits

Carbon Offset Travel

Our vehicle CO2 emissions are offset by Carbon Social forest regeneration projects

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We acknowledge the long human history of Tasmania and pay our respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal communities.

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